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Proposed Schedule for Build Project

September 3, 2011

The following provides an overview of the work to be done each day. This list does not include everything and is subject to change due to weather, individual segments getting completed ahead or behind schedule, etc.


PRIOR TO Sept 15


  • Scrape path
  • Grade gathering circle
  • Dig footings for shelter and gateways

September 15 – 18


  • Project Lead: Duncan and Spencer
  • Volunteers needed: 3-5 skilled builders
  • Day one: pour concrete footings
  • Day two: framing
  • Day three: roofing
  • Day four: tile flooring


  • Project Lead: PC staff & skilled mason
  • Volunteers needed: 5-10
  • Day one: lay paver base and begin first row
  • Day two: continue rock wall
  • Day three: mortar the capstones


  • Project Lead: Milenko
  • Volunteers needed: 3-5
  • Day one: brush stainless steel
  • Day two: continue metal work, route wood
  • Day three: imbed metal, stain wood, prepare footings
  • Day four: install


  • Project Lead: Chiaki
  • Volunteers needed: 5-10
  • Day one: measure and cut wood
  • Day two: sand and apply wood preservative
  • Day three: assemble
  • Day four: install


  • Project Lead: Milenko, City & County?
  • Volunteers needed: 5-10
  • Day one: spread and compact gravel
  • Day two-four: way-finding art with wood and concrete


  • Project Lead: PC Deanna
  • Volunteers needed: 3
  • Day four: place and plant plants
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