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Kirkland Proclaims “Local Community Day” in Honor of 132nd Square Park Project

September 7, 2011


Designating September 18, 2011 as
“Local Community Day” in Kirkland, Washington

WHEREAS, Kirkland, Washington is a progressive and livable city that has invested in anextensive park and open space system; and

WHEREAS, Tully’s Coffee and the Pomegranate Center share a commitment to community building and engagement as a path toward improving the health and quality of life of the places we call home and created the nationwide “Taste of Community” program to support this commitment; and

WHEREAS, the Issaquah Pomegranate Center believes every neighborhood deserves a community space where people of all ages can get to know each other and, over time, build trust; and

WHEREAS, on June 1, 2011, the Kingsgate neighborhood, including 132nd Square Park, which remains under ownership by King County until December 31, 2011, were annexed into the City of Kirkland; and

WHEREAS, the Totem Lake and Kingsgate neighborhoods were among four local areas chosen to receive grant funding from the “Taste of Community” program to design and build community spaces this year; and

WHEREAS, Kirkland’s Totem Lake and Kingsgate community will have participated in the design and construction of a community gathering space in 132nd Square Park,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Joan McBride, Mayor of Kirkland, do hereby proclaim Sunday, September 18, 2011 as “Local Community Day” in the City of Kirkland and encourage residents and businesses citywide to volunteer and help build and maintain this important neighborhood community gathering center in 132nd Square Park and celebrate this new community asset and investment in Kirkland’s quality of life.

Signed this 6th day of September, 2011

Joan McBride, Mayor

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